Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Xbox 360 Worth the Price Tag?

You have most likely heard all about how great the Xbox 360 is? You have malaysia trip heard friends and co-workers who own the console talk about its many great features. However, if you've never experienced the excitement for yourself you have to wonder, is it worth the price tag it carries? Is it really that great? What makes it so special compared to other gaming consoles?

These are some really great questions and the answers will help you decide if the Xbox 360 is worth the price tag. After all, you can expect to pay anywhere between two hundred and four hundred dollars for this gaming console depending on whether you buy the core, pro or the elite model. It also Dsl Internet Access on where you purchase the system. Still, that's a lot of money for a gaming system if you live on a budget like most people do. Of course, if it's as great as everyone keeps saying it is then it would be worth it.

The features it has to offer is what makes the Xbox 360 so special so let's take a look at some of the things you will get when you buy the 360.

Xbox 360 features:

  • High definition graphics that enhance the playing experience.
  • 20 GB hard drive for storing music and videos.
  • Wireless remote.
  • Many great games to choose from.
  • A variety of accessories to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Access to Xbox Live marketplace.
  • Access to Xbox Live silver or gold accounts.
  • Backwards capabilities allowing you to play some Xbox games on the 360.

As you can see the Xbox 360 has many great features that you won't get with other gaming consoles. The option of connecting to the Internet and playing live games alone is enough to make any gamer interested. Plus, when you use the Xbox Live online services you can download games, new levels for some games, items to enhance your games and so much more. It definitely brings gaming up to a whole new level.

Is it worth the price tag? That is a question that you will need to answer based on your own personal situation. It's certainly a great gaming system that any gamer would be proud to own but only you can decide if it's right for you. However, knowing a little about what the 360 has to offer can help you make an informed decision based on facts instead of what you've heard about the gaming console.

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